Image via Creative Commons/ Kari Sullivan (CC BY 2.0)

Congratulations, Boston: You’ve maintained your status as one of the nation’s most expensive cities to rent an apartment in. But, of course, how much you pay depends greatly on what neighborhood you opt to settle down in.

A new report from rental aggregator Zumper broke down which apartment listings by Boston neighborhood were the most expensive in the month of April. It also determined that as a whole, the City of Boston had the highest overall prices behind – you guessed it – San Francisco and New York City.

“Boston, MA maintained third position on the list, with rents increasing 3.1%, with a one-bedroom median of $2,350,” according to Zumper. “Two bedrooms were similarly up 2.2% in April, to $2,750.”

The report lists 30 neighborhoods in Greater Boston (including some in Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline) ranging from $3,440 to $2,150 per month for a one-bedroom space. Zumper’s data indicates the South Boston area between D Street and West Broadway as most expensive with $3,440, constituting a 2.1 percent increase over the March.

Rounding out the top five after the D Street-West Broadway corridor was Cambridge’s Kendall Square with $3,240 and a zero percent increase; Downtown Boston, $3,100 and 3.3 percent; East Cambridge, $2,850 and 6.7 percent; and Back Bay, $2,820 and 4.4 percent.

Chinatown, which came in sixth, was the first neighborhood to see a decline in rent prices. It saw a 3.4 percent decrease in rental prices to $2,800.

Interestingly, Kendall Square, which maintained its month-over-month price for a one-bedroom, saw an increase in prices for two-bedroom apartments at a rate of 6 percent.

Downtown Boston also had a rise in two-bedroom rentals with 4.6 percent. East Cambridge and Back Bay saw two-bedroom rate increases with 5.7-percent and 3.3 percent, respectively