24th_noe_parklet-thumb“The Menino administration’s going forward with a plan for several parklets next spring, patio-like little parks carved out of one to three existing parking spaces. They are due to pop up in the South End as well as probably in Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Allston and Chinatown, too. The city will pay for the first parklets, estimated to cost $12,000 each, and then ask nearby businesses to pitch in. Along with parklets will come pocket parks, where street spots that seem a little pointless (you know the kind—traffic triangles that everyone ignores anyway, grooves that have nothing but gravel in them…) will be filled in. With what? Like with the parklets, with chairs and tables and delightful people sipping fashionable drinks! Have you been to New York recently and seen the tables and chairs and tourists in Times Square? That.”

Full article available on Boston Curbed: http://boston.curbed.com/archives/2012/06/bloodless-coup-in-boston-car-overthrown-as-citys-king.php