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The role of the professional property manager is to coordinate the fiscal, physical, and administrative responsibilities of operating real estate day to day. With a professional property manager at the helm, your investment goals will always be the primary goals. Let Town Property Management help you manage your property and free up your time.

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Boston Property Management Services

Town Property Group Management Services is a professional management company that is dedicated to the operation and maintenance of condominium units and single/multi-family residences for absentee Landlords or Owners who live out of state and/or abroad.

Town Property Group Management provides services that include (but are not limited to): janitorial services, maintenance and general upkeep, eviction services, and tenant/lease property management. if you own property in the greater Boston area, contact Town Property Group Management for a free property management review.

Discover how cost effective a management services company is as a solution for your day to day management responsibilities.

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Boston Property Manager

canstockphoto18099051 Boston Condo Management
Town Property Group can manage your properties: from small multi-unit buildings to large associations and planned unit developments.

canstockphoto1525940 Residential Management
Town Property Group is dedicated to the operation and maintenance of condominium and apartment units; and single and multi-family residences for absentee Landlords.

canstockphoto0818003 Multi-Family Property
Town Property Group can manage your property: from tenant placement to rent collection, from maintenance to evictions, from scheduling services to communicating with tenants.

canstockphoto0414471 Single Family Properties
Town Property Group knows your property is a major investment. You can trust Town PG to manage your assets and keep your best interests in mind. Exceptional service is our promise to you.