How to Increase Residential Property Values


Here are 8 tips how to increase your property values:


  1. Get rid of some walls. A great house is the one that allows natural light to enter inside. This entails installation of load bearing beams to replace walls. Your house will have the welcoming spirit that enhances its value. A wide-open space allows your buyer to do more activities than when he is confined in several rooms. The cost may be a little expensive but the outcome is a great value to your residential house.
  2. Make a space for a home office. Our modern time requires an office area furnished with a desk, chair, phone, computer, nice flooring and some cabinets. There are lots of people now working in a virtual office in their home.  Therefore, it makes sense to add some options. Install a telephone line, several outlets and data ports for the buyer to be able to work conveniently.  Look also underfoot. The use of carpets will upgrade the office and maintain its clean look. So if you have a carpet, clean it thoroughly first.  Or, you can replace the old one to make it more eye-catching.
  3. Put some bed custom furnishings. Regardless of what kind of bedroom you have, always think well how to improve it. Make your bedroom uniquely different by adding custom furniture into it. Surfaces of the furnishings must be clean and smooth while drawers should be easy to pull and push. And one of the best furnishings you can give is a bed headboard. A headboard shows the central point of your master bedroom. A bed with a nice headboard looks more noticeable than a bed which does not have. It’s better to have one that is attractively beautiful than having different furniture combined together without style or fashion.
  4. Add some external curb attractions. The outside attractiveness of your house is a great way to entice buyers. If your house does not look good from afar, no one will dare see the interior part. Curb appeal makes the 10% of the general value of your house. What attracts your buyer is the house paint color, including the landscape and shutters. Non-seasonal plants are best for those who do not have the natural green. Always remember that this 10% matters for your residential value, so don’t forget it.
  5. Lay concrete on your driveway. Paving your driveway is a visible investment but it is sure to add value to your home. Have it done before allowing prospect buyers to visit and walk through your house. Driveway should be improved before interested buyers will look at it.  How your driveway looks will make your buyer more interested. Approximate cost is only $3,000 but the return of investment can be much higher—once sale is closed.
  6. Consider also your bathrooms. In real estate investment, improving bathroom is equally important. The more bathrooms you have, the higher the value of your residential home. The best one is the master bathroom, and it depends on you how much you are willing to improve it. For some choices, you can include a Jacuzzi, shower, nice tile flooring and anything you can add to boost its look and functionality. There are also people who want towel warmers in their bathrooms. Well, the choice is yours on how far you can go improving your master bathroom.
  7. Add functionality to your kitchen. Often, kitchen is the most critical area in the home. Home purchasers are especially concerned about this. It’s a perfect start for a kitchen furnished with accessible cabinets, dishwasher, garbage dumping, fridge, stove, and clean flooring and others. Keep in mind that buyers always want to get what their money’s worth.
  8. Make use of insulated windows. It’s true, insulated windows give more savings to your cooling and heating bills. Windows that are incorrectly insulated are a waste of money, so make sure insulation is done at its best. Energy-saving windows are very appealing to your potential buyers. You can pay 10 to 20% additional for the insulated windows, but the savings to get will range from 11 to 24% every year.

So, this is it! We’ve just provided you some useful tips how to increase property values.  Make the house for sale the most convenient place for buyers to live in. Make it a full-of-breeze life for whatever activity the buyer will do inside and outside the home. With some amount of investment, you can increase your property’s selling value. Certainly, buyer gets exactly what he wants with full satisfaction!

Is It An Investment When You Buy A House?

It is wise to consider your future if you’re purchasing a house.  In real estate, owning a new house must be your long-term goal and investment. This is so because a house is expected to last for many decades.

Now, don’t just think about the present, but look ahead of time.  The amount of money you will pay for the house should have the most beneficial gain to you—both for the present and the future.

Certainly, it is improbable to foresee what the future brings in. Time changes and unsuspected events can happen anytime. But, if you want a house of your own, find the best one that meets your family’s needs.  Know about something you’re likely to need in the future like an available space.  Over time, such space may be used in extending your house.

Household will grow and how that happens?

While you’re thinking about the coming decades, have a thought about what would be the size of your family few years from now. So you have to ensure that you have enough space to construct additional rooms and storage area.  Are you also planning to have a bigger front yard outside? Will you be adding another room on the main level for your elderly parent?

What’s the future of the community and your neighbourhood?

If you’re buying a house, is it worth having good benefits concerning the future of your neighbourhood and the community? Get an answer from the Realtor how the future can affect the area population, home prices and the general condition of your location. What will happen if there’s a big development project in your place like building a grocery centre or a block of new apartments? All these things can possibly happen in the future.  Take a moment to consider them if you’re looking for a long-term house to live in.

What’s the value of the house if you want to resell it?

Even though you have no plan of reselling that house in the future, it’s still necessary to learn the possible value of that house should you want to resell it. Visualize yourself as a seller and learn what your buyer would be interested in. Do you have the proper layout? Is the house in good location?

Planning is very important especially when investing for a house. The future is unpredictable but it’s still important to consider the possibilities when investing for a home.

Ask a real estate agent for details that will qualify your house for home extension and house reselling.  There are times you have to pay a little bit higher for an excellent home. And if that house is in good community, the value of it will continue to go higher. You can then resell it at a higher price.

Now, is a purchased house really an investment? The answer is yes! And it’s a strong and long-term investment that you, the owner, can benefit from.